17 Jan 2012

studio darkness anyone?

I'm happy to see that dark walls have been creeping into people's homes, there's lots of internet mention of a move from white.....
{I try with white but most times there are too many colours that seem a better option}
I love my black studio wall - I've just redone it with a small selection of images 
to start off the year - this starting over is a much looked forward to ritual.

It would be interesting to see other artists who choose strong colours for their workspaces - anyone?

Dark Walls


Laura Brown said...

Very strong! I like it. And I like the images on the wall as well. I used to have a dark red studio when I lived in Stockholm.

mycuriousteaparty said...

I have a huge bright red pin board in the studio, it was given to me so the colour wasn't of choice but I have grown to love it..