15 Jun 2015

I've not posted much here lately due to a {smallish} obsession with Instagram!

You can find me here

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26 Oct 2014

ribbon of sun

I left the studio today as the sun hit the fence along the edge of one of the paddocks making a golden ribbon of sunshine.  Unusually I had a camera handy.

5 Sept 2014

Gold and mud for Tent

A glimpse of some of the pieces that will be on show at Tent in two weeks time.
I'm busy taking photos, tweaking titles and sorting out the final arrangements for the show...oh and still finishing off the work!

Tent London

21 Aug 2014


A clumsy/bad luck kind of day
...breaking work as I put it into the kiln and the kiln doing it's own breaking.....probably down to my lack of concentration..grrrr.  But this tiny fragment gave me something to play with.

4 Aug 2014

going going {almost} gone......

'Hey flower' and  friends are almost sold out.

...just a few tiles left in each of the 6 designs.

£25 £20

Shop here

31 Jul 2014

London Design Festival: Tent London

It's seven weeks until Clare and I pack up our work and travel east to exhibit at Tent, part of the London Design Festival. So I have seven weeks of making and firing ahead of me interspersed with bits of summer holiday. These are my trimmed invites, ready to send out soonish....

The show starts on Sept 18th more info here

4 Jul 2014

yellow & terracotta

Slowly a body of work for Tent is taking shape, these are the newest.  
I'm still digesting them.
{less than} 3 months to go until the show.
Head down creating a crowd of heads and objects that I can edit nearer the show.
Lots to do lots to try.

My favourite visit to a Motorway Service station ever

My photos are a mess
Many good things I've meant to post have been and gone.
So I'm going to try to find the good moments and blog them anyway as and when.

This was taken during my favourite trip to a motorway service station.
It was Wren's playground - he hurtled cars across the cafe floor, careered around after them and learnt to make milk bubble.

23 Jun 2014

who are you Anonymous Sam?

Anonymous Sam email me  - let me know where to send your print.

and the winners are.....

Thanks to all of you who left your nice words here to enter the giveaway!

The winners are:

Heading Home - Anonymous Sam
Feeling Blurry - Scott Garrett