30 Jan 2012

being someone's home

This is me, JT and someone else....

I'm that someone's home at the moment, not for much longer...
I'm also a radiator which is perfect for winter.  
But I'm not such a good climber of hills
or squeezer through spaces 
or a lap for a cat.

I'm quite good at sitting and watching and looking out windows.
Time has gone weird - my diary is beautifully empty
Everyone is waiting, it feels like the house is waiting.
In it are mysterious things, small scale things that do and don't belong to us.


Olivia said...

ooh! congrats :)

Ashlee said...

Ooh, I may be way off track here, but do you have a bun in the oven?! Tee Hee, I love that expression :)

If so then - how exciting & congratulations!!
But sorry if I'm completely wrong!

I love your drawn body for your head by the way :)

robward said...

Almost Eviction Time!

claire loder said...

thanks thanks - yes I do!

Laura Brown said...

Congratulacions! Great news!

Laura Brown said...

Congratulations! Great news!

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Hello Claire, so nice to catch up with you on your blog. I see I am behind with your latest developments. Looking forward to hearing all about it (and seeing the results of your labours!)

I've got a blog now too: www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.com

Hope you can drop by and have a look.

Cheers, Rosemary from Shrewsbury

makiko hastings said...

I wondered how you were going to write here, and I like it. Congraz again :) xm

www.finelittleday.com said...

Looking forward to hear and see more of the small human :))