1 Jun 2011

The donkey prefers garbage to gold

Saw about this show on a couple of 
blogs and it's
{except it's not*}
 - awkward shapes, strange goings on...
and a truism for a title!

The show is by Jockum Nordstrom and 
Marcel Dzama, in Sweden* - more here

I'm particularly intrigued to see how they 
have collaborated with collage.....

{thanks for the post Mieke}

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Silvia said...

I love Jockum Nordstrom's work :) Thank you for the link, i'll go and check it out! Maybe you've already seen it, but i leave you with this video, where Jockum Nordstrom talks about he's collage work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgaleNlWmLw