24 Feb 2011

Fake plastic trees

I've made two 'trophy wives' for CAL - an idea 
I had ages ago and finally got around to making.

Here's a beautiful project by photographer 
Robert Voit. It's not as good as spectacular as 
his examples but we'll be driving up the M4 
past one of these


Anonymous said...

What a clever idea, I love it!

Camila F.

sally orange said...

Hi Claire,

I saw your work at the Royal college this weekend..I'm a student in Newcastle. So at the moment, as you can imagine, funds are low. If i had ANY money, i would buy one of your heads!!I thought they were fantastic and truely made my weekend..

Thanks a million, and you'll be hearing from me.

Sally Orange

claire loder said...

Thanks Sally!

Adam Buick said...

Hi claire,
Cool website and nice to find a fellow ceramic artist who is blogging. Those disguised mobile phone masts are crazy! Hope the show went well for you.


marie-louise said...

I like everything you do!