15 Mar 2010

Significant jumpers have been cropping up.  On Saturday I bought the brightest red without being fluorescent jumper.  At CAL  I had a great chat with a lovely couple - sparked off by my admiration for the man's great jumper which had highlighter pens on it! Before leaving he donated a rather nice retractable micro pen to me and through the post last week he sent me a refill - I don't know where he lives.  Thanks Daryl wherever you are. Also pachadesign have a new blog that I'm enjoying very much -saw The Middle East video there -  the falling down man with trees growing out of his jumper is stuck in my head.  I would embed it here but think you'll enjoy visiting them over there >>>>>>>>

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sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

glad you are enjoying our blog and the middle east song & video.