8 Feb 2010

Kenny the gone wrong tiger

I spent the morning thinking, planning and going through my old sketchbooks.  One has a card from a show we visited at The Photographers' Gallery.  In the exhibition was a picture of Kenny  by Taryn Simon I seem to have made him happier than in real life, he has great head markings but that doesn't make him right.

I want to visit The Museum of Everything. I'd forgotten all about it then stumbled upon an article in Modern Painters.


robward said...

what is it about gone-wrong-ness that beguiles? I don't know, but it do, and this is really good worng!

Hannah Louise said...

the museum of everything is fab.
it's one of my fav places in london.
if your planning to go anytime soon double check it's open as last time i looked it was closed for the next few months because of the cold.