7 Dec 2009

g l o w and the dusk display

Wild weather today on the hill.  Rainbows, wind, rain and then sun so bright it made our window glow!  At the moment I'm, working on several new sculptures for  Ceramic Art London, at the Royal College in February and these three people have turned up.
We spent the weekend in Glastonbury and went to see the starlings doing their dusk display at  Ham Wall reserve in the Somerset Levels.  A mass of starlings flew overhead, so we followed, on foot  - running to the viewing site and ended up with front row seats for the most amazing spectacle.  Thousands and thousands streamed into the reed beds, making the reeds black with birds. I have no photos, just the feeling of looking up and seeing a murmuration of starlings sweeping low overhead. 


sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

the birds in the reeds sound very beautiful.

we popped into the devon guild the other day, to give them a little more work and so we got to see the exhibition.

your heads are displayed very near to our work - they look great.

hope you are well.

sammy & glenn

claire loder said...

thanks you two! Good to hear it looks good as I won't get to see it unfortunately -happy Christmas run up, hope you are both well?