29 Jul 2009

Nathalie Lete

Very excited! Just discovered the work of Nathalie Lete. Have a look at her site HERE! There's an article on her in this month's Selvedge but also saw her stuff on wee birdy's blog.  Rugs, drawings, paintings, ceramics, bags, drums, books and lots lots lots more  -  she's created an amazingly colourful world. Am now trying to track down her book A to Z of Nathalie Lete - anyone speak Japanese?!

Back down to earth....it's been a busy couple of weeks.  I've been getting photos and drawings and other bits and bobs together for the design of my new website - launching in September, while working on a new body of work for Origin in October. The top shot is a piece in progress - really hope she works out.


Top bird said...

Her work is lovely, isn't it? Did you spot the pics of her studio on her website? xx

claire loder said...

I know, it's great! - I'm just about to set up a studio and it's a blank canvas so Nathalie's workshop has stuck in my mind.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi, I found your blog while doing a search on Nathalie Lete's books. I have her Paumes book. You can order it directly through the Paumes people (I email them and order direct from them with a CC.)

I hope this helps!

claire loder said...

Thanks Kelly! I will do that.