23 Jun 2008

bita this bita that

Page from my sketchbook.....lots of talk of wigs and such like during the show...been thinking about the ruff people and the explorers of the rough sea!

Finally had a chance to sit down today and record my glaze tests from last week - I did some on normal tiles but some straight onto heads to see how they liked being painted with.

Ill be moving to a studio along the corridor in a  couple of days, in with the MA students, so I'll be packing up this lovely space. The stall will come with me, I'm very attached to the stool! 

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Rose the Shopper Girl said...

Hi Claire,

Good luck with the move. Loved seeing your sketch book. Since seeing and reading your blog, I've dug out some of my old sketchbooks and just looking at them gave me such pleasure that I've decided I really MUST get round to doing them again.

My main trouble with sketchbooks is that I fall in love with them and don't do anything more with the ideas after they're recorded in the book. As you can imagine, that doesn't progress a career!