14 Feb 2011

The Telegraph

The Telegraph came to photograph me in my studio a 
couple of weeks ago and it went out in yesterday's paper.
Here I am looking mildly uncomfortable surrounded 
by heads - I'll be taking lots of these to London 
with me next week for the show.


Kim Welling said...

Nice picture! Funny how you have the same 'soft sweetness' in your face as your heads do. I guess it's true what they say; every artist always puts something from herself into her art;)

Feltbug said...

How lovely - I wish I had seen this! Good Luck with the show xx

Hazel Terry said...

I love it and yes you all have little shy smiles.

claire loder said...

Thanks Thanks - funny and nice to hear the parallels you see between me and my heads..........

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

hi claire, well done on your telegraph piece, we had a look at it online. your studio looks great.
did you see the bit that abigail ahern wrote about how she collects heads (in the march issue of elle decoration)? she mentions your lovely ceramic heads of course.

good luck with the show next week,

s & g