16 Feb 2011

A breath of fresh air

Firing the last kiln today - I won't see 
how it's gone until Friday though, 
fingers crossed.
Here's piece I've just finished, 
he'll sit drying now for several weeks 
until I build up enough to fire again. 
I always like to have a head or two 
on the go even if I've finished making 
for a show......so I can look beyond 
the show that's currently taking up all 
my headspace!

I sent work off to Byard Art in 
Cambridge yesterday for a show which 
starts next week
'A Breath of Fresh Air' - more details here.

1 comment:

Christine said...

Been enjoying looking at your blog. Both the site, (very smart), and the work. I saw your work the first year you did CAL and loved it then. It is good to see it again. Hope you have a good show.