8 Dec 2010

haw/hoar frost

The trees in Bath looked amazing yesterday.
I took the train to London and 
had my camera pressed against the 
window for a lot of the journey.  
It was beautifully atmospheric outside 
with the haw/hoar frost and snow.

I was excited that I managed to get the 
tiny Christmas tree field and the lights 
on the houses in the bottom picture.

In London there was no weather to speak 
of - but I came home and it was still here 

Am I the only one enjoying this weather......


robward said...

RE: Fig #1 - Slike there's a bubbling volcaner atop Mount Widcombe or summit! Nice scree grab, Pyroclastic Floder!

renilde said...

Oh no,frost,ice and snow make winter magical and beautiful. The icy cold air clears the head and the warm room feels as an embrace of a good friend.
Great photos!