8 Dec 2010

Brian Sewell and security

One reason for going to London was to deliver 
this head. I was commissioned to do a piece 
using Brian Sewell as a starting point, so I've 
been enjoying staring at and drawing him. 
And this is not the only head that's come out 
of this process! Thanks C & T!

He travelled in my ruck sack.  I had 
another head in a box for a second client.  
Turns out you can't just put a head in a box in a 
black cab in London and ask for it to be 
delivered without you.


mycuriousteaparty said...

Cabbies get just a bit worried when they have to deliver decapitated heads, they don't usually mind... You should have reminded him about good will and all that.

Kidding apart 'Brian Sewell' looks amazing, your client must love it. You have captured the very essence of his character.

On the other hand....You could have made a great headline in the Evening Standard.

"Woman arrested carrying two heads around London".

Kate Kelleher said...


bethanmyfanwyjones said...

oh dear, the joys of transporting ceramic heads.!