7 Oct 2010

A Doubtful Guest

Our lawn is looking really springy 
and well at the moment, the cats set it off nicely.

I was very pleased to hear and see a raven yesterday, 
one of my favourite birds.  
They look look like they were invented by 
Edward Gorey - like a doubtful guest with wings.


LegoheadJo said...

I wish I could sit on your springy lawn with the cats! Looks nice and sunny there!
Did you see my dead squirrel picture! He was lovely and perfectly in tact!
Love n hugs
See you soon. x x x

Hazel Terry said...

Ah thank you for that post.
I saw a raven yesturday too, and I wished I had my cammera as it swelled up ready to caw.

claire loder said...

Jo - yes lovely dead squirrel! One more thing to find eh?

Hazel - I'm fascinated by raven's, and want to get closer to them! Although I always have difficulty knowing who is a crow, rook or raven!