17 Sept 2008


We spent last week in Norfolk at Clippesby Hall in a very large still not dry even though we've been home several days tent.  Visited the fabulous Sainsbury Centre on the UEA campus in Norwich.  My favourite things were the Chinese tomb lady figures and the man on a stick AND the building itself which looks like it's fallen from the sky.  Clippesby is in the Broads where there are birds galore.

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Rose the Shopper Girl said...

Hi Claire,

How lovely to be in Norfolk! How jolly wet too!

We've been to the Sainsbury Centre, and I agree it was FAB. I liked the Eskimo sunglasses. Don't know if they still have them out on display.

Lots of exciting stuff happening here. Working like a Trojan, so that's something new for me!
Rose the Shopper