31 Aug 2008

Well that was August

August is nearly done with and I'm sure I'm not alone in pinning my hopes for summer on September.  This time last week we were in London visiting various places planned and unplanned.  Went to Rob Ryan's glorious shop Ryan Town in Columbia Road, E2 and came away with precious things. And also found ourselves at a loose end near the Natural History Museum so elbowed our way through the crowds to see the stuffed birds in cabinets.  A sad sight for JT, for me a mix of sadness and fascination, especially the specimens of albino birds - the robin and blackbird are above - they are blank canvases, almost anonymous without their colours.  The case packed with hummingbirds displayed en masse on a large branch really brought home the extent of the Victorian collecting frenzy. We also popped into the V&A for lunch and a cuppa under the sparkling giant globes of the cafe.  Saw some interesting jewellery by Anne Thomas, French ceramicist turned jeweller.  We also saw the Libraries of light photography exhibition  -with a great photo of The Burry Man by Homer Sykes from a series called Once a Year: some Traditional British Customs 1977.

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