11 Jun 2014

feeling blurry, heading home ***giveaway***


Feeling Blurry
Brown Ow
Head for the trees
Heading home

A collection of 5 prints - new for the shop.
Each is signed, editioned and sold unframed.
Details here

I have one copy of Feeling Blurry and one copy of Heading Home to giveaway.
If you would like to enter please leave a comment in this post and let me know which of the two you'd like.
Closing date 20th June midnight GMT.
Winners announced 23rd June.
Thanks for reading and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I would love to win 'heading home' cos I love that feeling and I do like a bird...

Molly O'H said...

These are amazing! I especially love Head for the trees and Warmth. Love!

naa said...

oh that's so nice... Heading Home is so lovely!! :=)

Unknown said...

I would love to own 'Heading Home'. In July we are making a HUGE move from here in Oxfordshire to a new home in Cumbria. We have always talked about living there and now our children have flown the nest we are off! When we went to see the house for a second time I was really worried that there wouldn't be the bird life that we get around here and I would miss my housemartins. As we got out of the car the bird song was amazing and the house comes with it's own resident swallows. Moving to Cumbria feels like we are heading home that's why I'd love to own it x

vintagevixenarts said...

I'd love Heading Home to be heading to 'my' home,because I adore our feathered friend's especially in artistic form!


Dear claire, i Iam in love with "Feeling blurry"
meta wraber

Unknown said...

I can always relate to 'feeling blurry', love that blue. Always like what you can eek out of those single colour washes.

taili said...

Love your cool drawings!!! I'd love to have the Feeling Blurry and seat next to it!!

Phil said...

God, choices :) I'm gonna say, Heading Homs. It just struck a note - I am always hankering after travel, but, the one constant is home, here. The feeling of belonging in a place. It is very powerful and often only felt when you are away.
I love to go away, but, you have to return home in order to leave again.

Mary Louise Evans said...

I'd like 'feeling blurry' please :)
Fingers crossed x

Anonymous said...

Dear Claire,
Would like to win the 5 swallows, because it makes me happy to look at it. X Sam