8 Sept 2013

Saying good bye

It's been a very emotional weekend.  

Yesterday we travelled over to NBA for the Making Memories closing event  - a performance called An Evening with Dementia - a one hour one act performance by Trevor T Smith.  Powerful, moving, funny and  pertinent. Afterwards NBA staff Ail, Annie and Aderyn talked about the project and what's been achieved over the past few months. 

And today I had my first and last chance to spend some time in the gallery looking at the work and record it without many people around.  Just a calm time to exist in my head and in the viewfinder.

So sad that we have lost people along the way - two of the commissions I made never met their commissioners.

I was so glad to get this chance to say good bye to the show and those represented therein.........

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Unknown said...

this is awesome and heartbreaking all rolled into one beautiful show! x