30 Apr 2013

Klezmer Kennedy Periman and a couple of horses

Here are some sketches of the horses in the paddock by my studio.  I've not drawn horses from life before...I reverted to my usual technique of drawing without looking at the paper, tricky as the horses were on the move constantly. I'm a bit rubbish with horses, I find their scale  intimidating and their behaviour unfathomable!..... but very quickly I realised they are a delight to draw - it was an enjoyable half an hour sketching in the sunlight with the swallows skimming the fields all around me.


Finally finally FINALLY got round to watching the programme on Klezmer - Jewish Folk music last night...really fascinating.  Which let us to Itzhak Periman and then Taraf De Haidouks.  

And to round off the evening  to Nigel Kennedy playing the Gypsy Chardash which turned out to be a piece of music I've been trying to remember for a while now {i think I had a tape years ago of the Communards playing this??}

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