1 Apr 2013

I remember firelight and you remember smoke

We spent Good Friday in Pooley Park in Polesworth, Warwickshire.  We walked along the canal and saw ice skating ducks, an abandoned wren's nest and some {I presume} grandparents trying not to let their grandson fall in whilst he jabbed at the ice with a giant stick.  We walked on through a woodland and round the lakes...we think the same robin followed us....we heard long tailed tits, met many dogs and finished off with a march up the hill to the golden leaves tower, after which we were glad of the giant TEAS sign.  

....but the best best best bit was Wren's first go on a swing.

A friend gave us Molly Drake's CD, I'm a Nick Drake fan so it's fascinating to listen to his mum's  words. This song - I remember -  is quite beautiful.

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