20 Apr 2013

a night owl and a sleepy Wren

...very foggy as I drove to the studio early this morning, the higher I drove out of the city the foggier it got but it cleared to reveal a beautiful day.  The swallows were flying in and out of the barn all day long and I had my first outside-on-the-bench-cup-of-tea of the year. A mainly productive time in the studio - starting new pieces, reclaiming clay, watching a kiln reach temperature and catching up on pieces already under wraps...... hampered towards the end by the appearance of a wasp.
This owl has been sitting in paper and plastic for a while waiting for me to decide how to proceed. I've drawn owls before but not made one in clay......he does seem to be inhabited by a penguin.

Our own bird slept through the night for the fist time last night - hurray {he also made great strides in his walking skills a couple of days a go}

Listening to this as I type

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Julia da Franca said...

... this owl is so very beautiful, even if it looks a little bit like a penguin:)
not every human being looks like one! and i think that's very interesting...