4 Nov 2012

Two socks lost, two socks found.

This weekend we celebrated JW's 40th birthday in a beautiful spot just outside Tewkesbury. 

We arrived in the dark on Friday night with no sense of where were were. Saturday brought sunshine and beautiful views in all directions across the rolling Gloucestershire countryside. The day was light, bright, cold and full of birds  - green woodpeckers, redwings, black birds, buzzards, wagtails, robins, pheasants, rooks, tits, starlings.....

There were apples under the trees, bramble still trying to hold onto blossom and clackety black leaves rattling in the breeze on the tall {I'm not sure what kind of} trees.

The slack line made another appearance - everyone got freezing feet but progress was made.

We went for a walk along the lane and Wren managed to shed both socks without us knowing...except when we turned back.....

Today was full of weather, but no less beautiful.  The back door provided a changing view of the see-saw of rain and shine and a rainbow...it was the perfect aperture for watching the light making its way across the day. 

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