11 Oct 2012

Turns out herons are hard to draw

I saw a heron from our bedroom window today, then it landed on the fence across the road...much excitement followed and  Wren and I got a good look at it.  No chance to take a photo but I've spent a bit of time tonight attempting to recreate the event, with a photo of the fence and a drawing of a heron in action!  After a million drawings of herons and some frustration I've settled on this one but the herons I've invented have taken on various guises......this scratchy scruffy one was one of my favourites.....

I really like this post on the beautiful blog loaded kiln by Vanessa Skiles about how to grow the page as your drawing grows!

{Thanks Jo for the wonderful gift of time today!}

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

That heron is epic! Such personality, and yay adding more paper!