16 Jun 2012

omit me or a bit of me

An interesting debate over at Finelittleday about  intrusive faces - posting self portraits on your blog.  I always think twice before posting images of me but I'm really intrigued  when bloggers whose work/blogs I admire post images of themselves.  
I try to post important and significant {to me} things as this is my  record and resource... but often I omit me....
...so this is a portrait I nearly posted at the time (last November) but didn't for various reasons including superstition. I often draw on the bathroom mirror, it's such an inviting surface, and this was a face sketched in makeup that we messed around with, trying to line it up with my bump of 6 months.

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www.finelittleday.com said...

Ah. This I love!

What a great post. Thank you.
Let us continue Claire :)