11 Jun 2012

a break in the clouds

We took Wren for his first camping trip this weekend - it coincided with GOOD WEATHER!  
We camped with our lovely friends in a beautiful spot -  hidden away down a muddy track, in an orchard on a cider farm.
We could hear cuckoos across the fields and lots of other birds were feeding their chicks all around us.  {we even managed to sneak a peep at some chicks on a nest}. 
The men fed us while we fed the small people, everyone drank cider in varying degrees and a slack rope provided entertainment for those who had a go and those watching..

.....also it was 5 minutes from Baileys so we popped there on the way back. Perfect!


Paravent said...

So lovely to get away :)

Jess said...

Sounds like a lovely time was had! I'd love to have had a go on that rope. :)
Jess xx