15 Mar 2012


Here he is, tiny Wren when he was new born nearly 4 weeks ago. 
Already he is not so tiny.
We have been quite overwhelmed with good wishes, cards and gifts for this tiny fella.
Strangers smile at me when I'm wearing him and there is general curiosity and warmth when we are out and about.......a lovely state of affairs.


Jo said...

He is a sweet thing!
It was so lovely seeing you both out and about to day.
We must do more,
x x x

Ashlee said...

Oh gosh, such a beautiful little person, and what a wonderful name!

Warmest congratulations to you & your little family Xx

Hazel Terry said...

Wow! Claire congratulations.

carole epp said...

Lovely name, lovely boy.

marie-louise said...

Just a little Hello and a big congrats Clair:)

mycuriousteaparty said...

Congratulations and best wishes to you all..

renilde said...

wonderful, beautiful baby Wren!

robward said...

Hey Wren, get your own blog, you big ape! x

claire loder said...

Thanks for lovely messages everyone - I'll pass yours on Rob!