16 Jan 2012

A good owl

Is it too late to say Happy New Year on day 16 of 2012?!  
Happy New Year anyway!

These are images from a  great exhibition of children's art at the Corsham Court Gallery, Wiltshire.  
The images were so beautifully and simply presented.
{He's the best owl I've seen in a long time!}


Jo said...

Yep, they are ace and no, never too late for Happy New Year : ) x x

robward said...

Way too late, you shall be cursed forever, or until Chinese New year whichever is sooner. That owl is proto-klimt and is freaking me out as I'm two thirds thru a rewatch of Twin Peaks. Happy 'Worn Once' Year!

claire loder said...

He means you no harm robward

Hazel Terry said...

Happy new Year to you (on the 17th getting later!) :^D

claire loder said...

Thanks Hazel!

kel said...

wow! lovely paintings!

happy new year :)