23 May 2011

a mixed group of birds to the rescue of a crow

JT did me this bird's eye view sketch to demonstrate an 
incident that happened at the bottom of the garden yesterday 
{when I popped out - typical!}

A crow perched on a nearby chimney started emitting loud 
alarm calls.  JT looked up to see a neighbour's cat on the 
top of the roof near the crow.  
The crow continued to shout for help and in answer a large 
group of jackdaws, crows and even a magpie gathered 
above the roof. {approx 20}

They then proceeded to dive bomb the cat to scare it away.
Were they all defending a nest?
The whole incident lasted about 2 minutes.


In yesterday's other bird news - on a brief walk just outside Bath
we spotted blue tits going in and out of a hole in the wall 
building/tending to a nest (I'm not sure of timings here)
And a chance encounter with a kestrel - we stopped in 
a lay-by to watch the swifts, swallows and house martins who 
were having a whale of a time over the meadows - at the 
very moment a kestrel breezed in - just a few feet away 
so we got a great view of his {?} barbed plumage.

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