11 Apr 2011

Show up

A beautiful few days away in Devon & Cornwall.  
By luck and things in the sky we had the 
sunniest weekend! 

Dad made tables for the show -  collected, 
painted and packed in the van - {Thanks Dad}, 
crumble {thanks Mum}, a visit to the allotments 
on the hill, finding the bridge big enough to fit 
cattle under, blackbirds singing their hearts out 
at dusk, mist sitting dramatically in the valley 
just outside Winkleigh, driving down tiny 
streets {thanks Clare}, so excited to be back 
again at the cottage {thanks Lucy}, a circular Zennor 
shaped walk, a yet to be identified beetle, 
Penzance charity shops and Steckfenster, 
St Ives harbour watching, posh fish and chips, 
in the garden and all around us: swallows, 
goldfinches, dunnocks, sparrows, robin, 
an as yet unidentified bird of the warbling variety,
(possibly) great tits, chiff chaff...
the birds being so close and in such stillness that 
their wings was all we could hear


The show is all up and my heads look at home


Hannah Louise said...

The show looks great Claire! Super well done. x

claire loder said...

Thanks Hannah!

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

hi claire,

the show looks really cool. hopefully we will be delivering work to st.ives soon so we will pop in and have a look.