4 Mar 2011

Vanish, 9 heads & 2 bodies

It's finished! 

This is by Ben, a friend who paints 
Always on the look out for subjects he 
asked if he could photograph us in my studio.
I've enjoyed seeing him work on this 
over the past few months - he visited the studio 
over a year ago to take the photos. 
The gradual process gave me time to get used to 
the strange sensation of seeing me staring back 
at me! I love that he's marked a moment in 
time with the work he's used of mine 
and a sartorial reference to JT's canoe phase!

More of what Ben does here.
Here it was in progress.

{Apparently it's not a phase and he's not even 
sure if it's a canoe}

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Unknown said...

Just discovered your blog - this painting is awesome!