29 Mar 2011

scruffy art and music

Yesterday was a good day.
More fun with my drawing class getting 
them to use carbon paper, sticks, feet, 
both hands at once and other methods
to make a mess, noise and 
some scruffy drawings, with great results.

{I've decided recently that scruffy is my 
natural state and aesthetic, I don't know 
how you people who are neat and smart 
do it! - it seems like a magic power absent 
in me!!}

Here are some of my drawings....

After the class we went straight off to 
Bristol to see John Grant - which was 
brilliant despite our (very) restricted view 
{must book earlier}.  
Sea of Bees were supporting - new to me - 
I loved Julie's beautifully strange voice, 
how good to stumble upon a new thing....

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