1 Nov 2010

the wall I stare at most

A couple more photos from my studio sort out 
last week. I took all the images down from the 
wall I stare at most, bunched together the photos 
of past work and stock sheets, then  put back 
what I need for the next collection of work. 
Which at the moment seems to consist of a head 
(with glasses) I'm particularly fond of, three round 
frames, (one containing a little sketch that has
something about it) an old photo of a bespectacled 
person I don't know and two pink blob head shapes.
I don't know if this is much to go on.


Julia da Franca said...

i just love to look at other artists workspaces.
it is so exciting to see what inspires you.
need to sort out too, but...

marie-louise said...

Ah, it' great to look into this!

claire loder said...

I realised after i rearranged the black wall that the majority of the objects have or are frames - glasses frames, picture frames!

makiko hastings said...

Love having a peek of atist's space. Thank you for showing us. xm

La Cenefa said...

rostros muy expresivos!
me encantan!!

saludos nos vemos

Jane O Sullivan said...

"I dont know if this is much to go on "......made me snort with recognition (the story of my life) , but somehow we make something of the bits that feel they have something in them , love your blog claire , its so unaffected and so funny , thanks :)