21 Nov 2010

A lot of weather

Two good days in the studio this weekend.
Lots of quiet and lots of weather - perfect!
I am working on several new pieces at once
as usual,a commission, pieces for Ceramic 
Art London in February and a show in St Ives 
In April.  I never know exactly who is going 
where -  at this stage I am just making and 
seeing what happens - I seem to be obsessing 
over hair and eyebrows.


kel said...

do you coil your heads? :)

i enjoyed your book which isaac got me!


legoheadjo said...

Nice hair.

Cathy Cullis said...

I always enjoy seeing your studio and work in progress - thanks & best wishes, Cathy

claire loder said...

Kel -I only coil if I have to - but mainly the pieces are slab built - glad you liked the book!

Jo - yours is ok too!

Thanks Cathy, it's always good to see them at this stage and record them as so many things could happen to them from here on in, they might not make it through!

bethanmyfanwyjones said...

Haha! It is fantastic to see work at this stage, and a bit bizzare to see it sitting alone on a banding wheel, a bit surreal...