17 Nov 2010

leather seats out........

Last weekend was quite busy. 

It all started on Friday night..
.....with a film that I didn't see all of due to 
my hand obscuring my eyes.  It was nonetheless
enjoyable - powerful, funny, violent.
It was Self Made, a Gillian Wearing film, as part 
of Bath Film Festival. Afterwards Gillian, Sam 
Rumbelow and one of the participants were in 
conversation - had a nap on the sofa during some
of this and imagined I was listening to the radio.

Early Saturday morning a surprise train trip to Penzance
came my way! Lovely.  Leather seats out a 
patchworks of seats back.  We came back on Sunday
but we could have happily got drawn in to watching 
the hovering black redstarts that turned up 
outside our hotel window.

Sunday night  - Marina and the Diamonds

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