30 Nov 2010

Brian Sewell, eyebrows and Marcus Oakley

Unpacked a kiln today and unusually I liked 
every piece that came out!
I've been working on a commission for 
some fans of Brian Sewell so Sewell's 
seeping into my work generally. 
It's not obvious in every piece but I've 
been thinking some about eyebrows......

Saw the lovely Marcus Oakley speak about 
his work a few days ago. Having admired his 
work for some time it was great to see him in
real life.


Jo said...

Nice brows lady. Thanks for the words of encouragement today, they were much needed.
You are the bestest, fact!

kel said...

haha! those are some excellent eyebrows.

i am curious how do you colour yours heads? underglazes? :)

claire loder said...

yes - underglazes, I'm a big fan of underglazes!

robward said...

Brian Sewell can have one of my kidneys anytime he wants one. Though at present they might be a bit clogged with chicken stew. Nicely thrown, Loder.