3 Sept 2010

Words don't come easy to me

Lots going on at the moment so I haven't been 
posting as much as I'd like to.
We drove to East Anglia at the start of the week to take 
down the show at Suffolk Craft Society and visit 
old friends in the flatlands.  

JT took a few shots before we dismantled it  
There were some great shadows cast by the 
moustachioed man.  
His official title  'words don't come easy to me' 
is from the FR David song


Fine Little Day said...

Oh, looks soo great Claire!

And that song, bring so many memories.

marie-louise said...

Your faces are my favorites:)

makiko hastings said...

They are excellent! I have just booked a train ticket to London during Origin week. Can't wait to see your work! xm

Unknown said...

Your exhibition looks great; I especially like the moutache man...

claire loder said...

Thanks all!