14 Sept 2010

TICKET GIVEAWAY - origin private view

I have ONE TICKET to give away for the 
Origin Private View Night
It's on Thursday 23rd September 6.30-8.30PM.

If you would like to win it please leave a post here
before midnight tomorrow (wed 15th 
September GMT) and I'll pick the winner 
out of a hat after that!

You can also email me to enter.


to book usual tickets for day time 
visiting visit here 
If you book before the 17 Sep you can get 
them at the concessionary rate of £8


Feltbug said...

I would love to enter to have a go at winning a ticket for the PV - I will be visiting anyway at some point so I will come and say hello! Hope you have a great show.

Kitty Kilian said...

I am coming over on thursday from Holland.. cannot wait to see you and the other 200 + artists!