17 Sept 2010

a pumpkin for a pumpkin

The telegraph used an image 
of my work yesterday for an 
article by Grant Gibson,
editor of Crafts Magazine about 
the London Design Festival. 
It's here


Beautiful blue sky day today. 

JT finally settled the business with
Harvest by taking in his home grown 
pumpkin to replace the one he 
accidently stole last year  - all is 
right with the world again.

The long tailed tits were in the 
garden at tea time, several of them 
in the trees shouting and singing at 
us and the cats.  

We joined the local RSPB group this 
week and went to our first meeting.
We were very proud to be able to 
pass on data on the screaming party 
(new term to me - I like it!) of swifts 
that were active above the house this 
year for Alan's swift survey. 
Yes we are beginners, no we don't 
have a telescope - only binoculars. 
Yes we do have a car, no we don't 
know much about the local nature 

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