22 Sept 2010

Panda me

Panda me is off to Origin with me
 - see you there!


lili scratchy said...

I really love your art.
Disappointed to be so far...
when do you go in Paris ?
At this moment there is a big ceramic's exhibition at the museum of "art decoratifs ".
I'm sure your faces should be there!!!

LegoheadJo said...

Wish I could be there Claire.
Have a fab time and look out for Jonathan.
Hope your nice and calm and relaxed. Love to other Claire too!

Julia da Franca said...

hello claire,

just found your blog.
and now I wish I could see
your work in this origins show.
I really like what you do and
love the colours.


makiko hastings said...

'Panda me' safely home! Thank you so much and it was lovely to meet you. Hope the show went well. xm