23 Aug 2010

The Minack Chronicles

In cornwall last month staying in L's cottage 
I discovered the books of Derek Tangye - 
the Minack Chronicles.  

I read Cottage on a Cliff while we were on holiday 
and today have just finished A Gull on the Roof, 
the first book recording their move from the bright 
lights of London to a dirt floored cottage on the 
Cornish coast. I'm totally caught up in their story, 
their love of the land and their pets and wild 


legoheadjo said...

Hello, welcome back to Bath.
Look forward to catching up.
Pleased to see the "His and Hers" in use!!


claire loder said...

it goes with me everywhere! Great for jewellery!

Unknown said...

Claire I love stoping by your bogl You are my last blog stop of the am . A nice finsh to the coffee hour and blog linking !! Love love you work !!!