8 Aug 2010

the looming cat

6 weeks till Origin......
several new pieces are starting to come together. 
I feel vaguely superstitious posting images of unfired 
work but they have such a nice quality that I can't 
resist photographing them in this state.

Been busy this weekend at the studio working on 
various pieces and at my mac putting together an 
e-bulletin and designing  the invite. 

I wanted to keep these glasses myself but 
she needs them now

//////////Bird news////////

I went for a run this morning and witnessed a 
magpie-on-magpie attack (I think) on a telegraph 
One bird fell to the ground and was lying on the 
road on his back when I got to him, hurt but alive.
After some deliberation I wrapped him in 
my t-shirt and laid him in the hedge away from 
the road.  All of my sentimental deliberations 
were witnessed by a looming cat on the brow of the hill.

I saw the flock of long tailed tits that JT told be 
about - they came into the garden yesterday, 
bustling about -  fearless and noisy.  
The cat had a few words to say


legoheadjo said...

Lovely, lovely, as always.
So nice seeing you, chatting and catching up.
Big smiles. x x x x

Kitchen fitter in Faversham said...

Hello Claire, that is good news, I will see you there!! I wasn't selected after all, felt very sad but I am ok now...working on new collections and products.

I hope you are enjoying Summer

Unknown said...

Love the head and sure she needs the spectacles to make us smile; happy firing...