2 Jun 2010

a pattern developing

A beautiful day at the studio today, quiet for 
hours apart from the sparrows.
I took the plastic insulation off one of the 
windows to let the sun and light in - it made 
such a difference, just being able to see outside
transformed the feeling of the place.

I also started on this large bright blue piece - 
the brightest blue I've used and a loose loose 



legoheadjo said...

Claire I am liking the patterned piece alot.
I need to get back on the making tip again.
We need to catch up again soon. x x x

renilde said...

I like this head,the blue and red work well together,the patern gives them a kind of identity,lovely.

Unknown said...

Hi there Claire; like your studio. I have one but no way could i put up a post of it, what a tip! aaargh. Thanks for your thanks haha happy making Linda... PS where are you location wise just curious.

fanja said...

very nice. those heads in your studio are pretty impressive x

kel said...

awesome heads!

claire loder said...

Thanks everyone - I'm intrigued to know where this head will take me!