17 Feb 2010

Walcot Reclamation

Monday was spent in a very very cold indeed place. We ate chips and drunk tea at strategic moments and walked round and round finding different places to sit down (the best one was the pub with the fire).  This was the auction at Walcot Reclamation which has gone bust. It was my first auction - very exciting! And today I  find out what it is that I actually bought! (Lot 409 was a very large collection of mainly wooden things, including a work table which we didn't notice at the viewing)


SARA said...

Would´t mind that red staircase.. Thankyou for visiting my blog!

ieva jansone said...

oh... i love the collection of the bath-tubes!
so WHAT is it you actually bought???

claire loder said...

ieva - I bought a broken oar and a broken bread shovel! And Lot 409 which was made up of various things including a large workshop table we didn't know about but is already worth its weight!