22 Feb 2010

Glad to wear glasses

I spent  Sunday afternoon and evening titleing the remaining few pieces of work for CAL.  3 days to go......
Some heads I have titles for before I start.  Some I know what they feel like to me but don't have the words so have to hunt them down.  Some I don't even know who or what they are and I spend hours trying to tease some information out of them to get me thinking about a title.  It's one of my favourite parts of the process but it takes time.  I always stumble across other interesting word formations, quotes or ideas - so it  feels like as I'm finishing off this body of work I am simultaneously starting another. These five will be coming to London with me.

glad to wear glasses

what is the opposite of two, a lonely me, a lonely you

old joy

keep it all in

a worrying animal


Natalie Jean said...

amazing work!

marie-louise said...

The worrying animal is my favorite!

ieva jansone said...

oh i like so much how you described the process of the title-finding!
great work!
nr.1 is my favourite of thouse here