9 Feb 2010

giveaway / free pair of tickets for CAL

2 and a bit weeks to go 'til CAL and still lots to do....
I'm unpacking my last kiln tomorrow so can't wait to see who comes out.

If you are visiting you may be interested to know that I've got 1 pair of tickets to give away.  
This will save you £24 on the entry fee and includes a catalogue, oh yes!

Email me before the end of the day on Sunday 14 February or leave a comment on this very post and I will put your name in the hat, the draw will take place on Monday.


More details about the show can be found at ceramics.org.uk


Kitchen fitter in Faversham said...

Hello Claire,
I am Marga from Chocolate Creative blog, would love to enter the draw to visit the ceramic's exhibition please!! I didn't know you had a blog!!

Feltbug said...

Hello ;0 I am Mandy from Feltbug - count me in too for the draw please. I have been enjoying your blog and would love to see your work in the flesh!

Cathy Cullis said...

Hello, I would really like to win tickets, thank you! best wishes Cathy

Ashlee said...

Oh!! Would love to meet your heads face to face X
Wonderful giveaway :)

legoheadjo said...

We would like to be in the hat!