31 Jan 2010

I see a darkness

Spent most of the day in the studio finishing off some pieces - finished by painting this head then decided to score into her forehead {listening to Bonnie Prince Billie as I type - I see a darkness -beautiful song } and then paint her dark, this was how the approaching end of  day was making me feel - well not this bad but definitely like something was settling on me, I didn't let it.  Instead I got excited about where this head could lead.  It was very satisfying painstakingly painting her face then striking it through. 
I missed doing the big garden birdwatch but jt did it and officially spotted one robin in the hour.  Unofficially he spotted two blue tits, a blackbird and three rooks flying over head.


holly aka golly said...

Truly spectacular! I love the darkness!

Ashlee said...


Cathy Cullis said...

happy to have found your blog - I've enjoyed seeing your work at the Ashgate in Farnham in the recent past.