5 Jan 2010

a different air

Back in the studio today.  
First, at home, I built up heat, clothes on radiator, many layers, soup.  A beautiful blue sky day, an uneventful drive due to the roads being totally clear of snow or ice but a white tog hill.  A frozen toilet, ice in the yard,  jumpy horses, Eddie predicting snow, he says the air feels different. A while later it snows a bit then it doesn't stop snowing. The clay is very cold, the slabs don't dry, the cold tap is colder but soup and tea at intervals help.  I've three heads to pick up where I left off before Christmas.  I can't remember what they are like under their plastic and paper so it's always a surprise when I unwrap them. This head  started the day as a neckless wonky lady but she's grown a neck and a bit more, had her eyes moved around until they've settled enough to be painted also she may become a man as I paint her, also I've subtracted some of her face.

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