18 Aug 2008

escape to the east

We travelled to the east this weekend for a family event. A magical place the east - no rain and even some dry patches in the lawn of my cousins house!  We haven't looked at out garden for days, weeks even - it's now ruled by slugs and snails.  My uncle's house is full of amazing objects he's collected over the years, things he's fixing, things he's fixing to make other things that need fixing - this is one of his cabinets.  We and several other people took a tour of the house.

JT bought me a lovely muji sketchbook and drew an immensely pleasing picture without looking on the 1st page - a woman smoking at Bracknell station.  I have since drawn a picture of Nancy Sinatra singing Bang Bang.  She has two mouths.

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Rose the Shopper Girl said...

Hi Claire,

How enjoyable to see the new images on your blog! Your uncle's house sounds like a right delightful place. Not into collage is he?

Love your drawing of the smoking woman. I should start drawing again some day soon.

Been excavating my closet and have a big cardboard box that is the wardrobe's graveyard. Hope to get it to the charity shop before I waver and rescue the contents and then I'm back where I started.

Actually, I have so much, it has only made what's left look tidier. Hasn't actually diminished it much.

Rose the Shopper