31 Jul 2008

today's firing

I unpacked the kiln a few hours ago and there are some great results.  I've been experimenting with glazes and trying to load each surface with texture, colour and different translucencies of glaze.  
JT came home with a beautiful bird in his hand - a baby chaffinch or goldfinch which had fallen from its nest.  He fed it some worm and then put it back, wishing he's left it there in the first place but it was in the road.

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Rose the Shopper Girl said...

Hi Claire,

Gosh, had no idea you folks kept worms to feed baby birds! I can just imagine your fridge... milk, cheese, worms!

Went to an annual sale of vintage clothes today. Came away without anything, but my friend got a sweet pair of 1940s shoes and a handmade black satin bag to take her dancing shoes in when she goes out.

It was interesting, but we discovered that you really can see some old tat that passes for vintage, when indeed, a charity shop might even reject it.

Hope you're well. Good going with your kiln firings!

Rose the Shopper